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Don’t wait until development begins to nail down your technical details: In the second development phase of the Uniscale method, the attention is on technical documentation and services modeling. Map out endpoints and dependencies to ensure the software's structure and architecture are logical and maintainable.

Architecture with low tech debt: Lay a robust foundation for the future

Avoid misalignment between domain understanding and technical implementation, reduce miscommunication, drive innovation across all teams, and lead to a single source of truth for the complete software development process.

Sync real-world with software

Align the problem domain with the technical implementation and avoid wrong dependencies to make the system more modular and flexible.

Unified data requirements

Ensures consistent technical data requirements across all components in the architecture, facilitating seamless functionality.

Support and resources

Start technical details and service modeling with expert-led first steps for all teams. Ensure everybody has fitting tools for quick success.

Service linking & endpoints overview

Link with overview

Link specifications in a visual interface with the technical implementation and prevent incompatible or misaligned components.

Explore service linking in Uniscale

Dependency mapping

Optimize dependency mapping to improve the architecture and reduce the risk of breaking something while changing your software.

Backward linking

Make your solution more modular, scalable, and flexible, allowing changes or updates to be made to one part without negatively affecting others.

Considered services

Generate services from need and not from guessing. Ensures the software architecture remains clean, maintainable, and scalable over time.

Versatile technical editor

All documentation in one spot

Establish a single source of truth and ensure that scattered information from all used tools and channels finds its way onto one platform.

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Complex made easy

Get help from AI when writing your technical documentation to avoid ambiguity and improve the structure.

Data modeling interface

Enrich endpoints with sample data, enabling comprehensive testing and understanding of functionalities. 

Dependency inspection

See your service dependencies in a dedicated view, that focusses on upward and downward requirements.

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Avoid rework and align your product with customer expectations

Accountable decisions

Reduced cross-team dependencies

Divide responsibilities clearly to help minimize the need for different teams to rely on each other.

Find out more about service boundaries during service linking

Concrete mapping and endpoint overview

Validate with the structured definitions and service boundaries that each service aligns with the goals and objectives of the organization before it’s implemented.

Teams & collaboration

All stakeholders involved

Align domain and technical teams to ensure the development process integrates security, compliance, and scalability requirements.

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Dev ready

Empower developers by integrating them into the documentation process and minimize potential delays during implementation.

Handover included

Ensure smooth transition and clarity in development by defining clear communication rules and boundaries upfront.

Access control

Maintain security and collaboration efficiency by managing access rights for team members and guests across your workspace in Uniscale.

Revisions & approval

Service history review

Get a comprehensive view of changes over time, and ensure informed decision-making and alignment with project milestones and goals.

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Align your domain

Achieve a synchronization between your organizational structure and software functionalities, optimizing efficiency and overall performance.

Meaningful changes

Assess the impact of changes thoroughly, facilitate confident decision-making, and ensure modifications align with objectives.

Approve when ready

Define roles and responsibilities to streamline approvals, enhance accountability, and maintain clarity throughout the development lifecycle.

“Uniscale adds an incredible bonus in enabling key partners to provide direct feedback on expected user behavior in our specifications.”

How nuUnlimited uses Uniscale

“Uniscale brought us great stakeholder visibility, improved communication, and higher-quality software.”

How Zensei uses Uniscale

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