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How nuUnlimited uses Uniscale to accelerate product-led growth

Uniscale is the ideal platform for software development in startup companies: Founders can ensure that development projects meet timelines and cost forecasts. It doesn't matter if the software is developed in-house or with external partners. The frontend-first approach and full documentation in this single source of truth reduce the risk of knowledge silos and costly rework. Read below how nuUnlimited uses Uniscale and get an impression of how Uniscale can be integrated into new and existing processes.
nuUnlimited’s strapline is ‘it’s about the food’, and it is. Global healthcare systems are beginning to focus on preventative measures and food as medicine is critical. nuUnlimited uses SaaS to provide full food transparency including allergens, nutrition, cautions, micro nutrients, manufacturing processes and more. These processes provide digital food ordering systems, food management, waste reduction and out patients nutritional support to patient education and rehabilitation.
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nuUnlimited is developing cost-effective and dependable systems for ordering and delivering food and beverages, where safety, reliability, and minimized risk are crucial factors for success and earning the trust of consumers and businesses. A comprehensive understanding and oversight of the software are key to achieving these objectives.
Uniscale provides a comprehensive platform for software development that ensures all necessary information and knowledge is clearly defined and communicated in a standardized and structured framework, from the initial concept to the final product.

By involving domain and commercial stakeholders from the start, Uniscale ensures that relevant market knowledge is accurately relayed to product and development teams. Uniscale establishes a ‘Single Source of Truth’ for the organization, clearly defining responsibilities and promoting accountability. This centralized approach enhances decision-making, oversight, understanding, knowledge distribution, and iterative collaboration by breaking down problems systematically.

Additionally, Uniscale ensures compliance with privacy, security, and regulatory requirements by aligning every solution aspect with industry standards and legal regulations.
Ability to share and collaborate with partners on software specifications
Single source of truth that provides deep and clear understanding of both why and how
Products fundamentally rooted in user and market needs and requirements

Prior to using Uniscale, nuUnlimited was a code-led organization that faced the challenges of control and visibility as the organization grew larger.

Uniscale not only excels in giving nuUnlimited a deep understanding of the product at every stage of development but also in fundamentally rooting the product in user and market requirements from the very start.

nuUnlimited is now better equipped to accurately project and control costs. This is thanks to their ability to drive user experience development and testing from inside Uniscale before committing to expensive code iterations. They can streamline communication and manage time more effectively.

A bonus for nuUnlimited is the ability to now share its specifications with key client partners, allowing them to directly provide comments and other valuable feedback for an enhanced end-user experience.

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