AI for Uniscale Describe

Get faster, more accurate specifications tailored to your requirements

AI for Describe helps you write detailed and structured functional specifications
using your own words. AI for Describe will automatically generate comprehensive
and precise functional documentation aligned with your needs.

“Uniscale adds an incredible bonus in enabling key partners to provide direct feedback on expected user behavior in our specifications.”

How nuUnlimited uses Uniscale

“Uniscale brought us great stakeholder visibility, improved communication, and higher-quality software.”

How Zensei uses Uniscale

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AI for Describe accelerates the creation of specifications

Get answers during your specification process

AI moves you quickly forward in your work by providing information out of your complete domain. All you have to do is ask.

Improve your writing

Let the AI rewrite, summarise, and expand your specification. You bring the concept, the AI handles the details.

Faster meaningful data in seconds

AI suggests acceptance criterias out of your specification. It understands your domains and bases suggestions on it.

From concise specifications to no-code SDK generation

The specifications are automatically converted into SDKs for common programming languages. The well-structured specifications without any ambiguity are then easily integrated with the source code.

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Avoid rework and align your product with customer expectations
Is there a free trial of AI for Describe?

Yes! AI for Describe is included in your trial period once you select a plan. It is also part of our Business plan or can be used as a paid standalone addon for the other plans.

How much usage is included with the AI for Describe?

AI for Describe is part of your subscription alongside all the usage. No additional fees will be applied.

How does AI for Describe use my data?

AI for Describe utilizes different AI providers, such as OpenAI. Data sent to the OpenAI API is not used to train or improve OpenAI models.

How is AI for Describe different from other AI tools?

AI for Describe utilizes the domain and allows you to structure your specification better. It suggests acceptance criterias.