Uniscale for
software functions & objectives

Define the software’s purpose and functionality in the initial stages of the Uniscale method: Identify the software's objectives, understand the needs of its users, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Better specifications for all teams: Describe less and communicate more

Provide a framework for a systematic breakdown of high-level specifications into structured functionalities. Reduce misinformation, drive innovation, and lead to a single source of truth for all teams through the complete development process.

No knowledge silos but clear governance and communication

One central location with all vital information ensures consistency and alignment with industry standards and legal mandates.

Only implement real-world requirements effectively

Ensure that everybody can concentrate on their job. Technical stakeholders don’t make decisions that commercial stakeholders should’ve made earlier.

Meet all expectations, timelines, and cost forecasts

Align functional requirements with customer expectations and have a clear roadmap for development ready from the start.

Process & governance

Future-proof structures

Improve current operations and prepare future advancements in AI-driven development with structured specifications.

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Concise yet complete

Focus on delivering software that doesn’t deviate from the intended functionality and reduce scope creep.

Quick specification

Break down high-level specifications, without spending time and effort on finding the right structure or process.

Cleaner architecture

Ensure domain stakeholders can impact the product and all required info for developers is provided too.

Collaboration & access

Clear software for all

Enable anyone, anywhere to understand the components of your software product, even without the ability to read code.

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Collaboration in mind

Promote knowledge sharing by centralizing information and standardizing semantics, ensuring ongoing collaboration.

Visibility for all

Empower non-technical stakeholders to contribute their ideas and ensure the early involvement of technical experts.

SSO and login methods

Quick login is provided through GitHub, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Google, putting the team’s preferences into focus.

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Avoid rework and align your product with customer expectations

Functionality editor

Single source of truth

Provide an SSOT that ensures clear governance, compliance, and communication, avoiding knowledge silos.

How to write high-level specifications

Clear structure

Organize complex software into structured components that benefit AI and automation within software development.

No more black boxes

Empower non-technical stakeholders to get a software overview by providing a visual no-code interface.

Versions & sign-off

Version control

Access all past versions of your specifications. Enable teams to understand past communication and decisions.

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Streamlined approval

Improve approval workflows by locking completed items, ensuring smooth collaboration within and between teams.

Automatic tracking

Capture version changes (revisions) of all specifications as comprehensive documentation of the product's evolution.

“Uniscale adds an incredible bonus in enabling key partners to provide direct feedback on expected user behavior in our specifications.”

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“Uniscale brought us great stakeholder visibility, improved communication, and higher-quality software.”

How Zensei uses Uniscale

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