Uniscale for
auto-generated SDK &
AI-assisted code

Leverage Uniscale to seamlessly transition from specifications to implementation with auto-generated SDKs and AI-assisted coding. This third phase of the Uniscale method enhances coding efficiency and accuracy by utilizing AI to support coding tasks.

1-to-1 link to implementation: Improve iterations with front-end-first

Ensure that the clean architecture, defined in the service linking, ends up in the code. Auto-generate SDKs directly from the specifications and empower developers with AI assistance in their IDEs to implement them 1-to-1.

Get what you want

Generate SDKs automatically from the specifications and reduce misalignments between what’s specified and implemented.

Works with your tech stack

Uniscale supports 17 IDEs and 5 code languages. Uniscale’s no-code SDK generation and AI assistance for code implementation fit all teams.

Fewer and faster iterations

Empower early front-end development. Provide clearly defined endpoints in specifications with auto-generated sample data and accelerate prototyping.

SDK engine & libraries

SDKs at your use

Utilize whatever data transport mechanisms and protocols you want without necessitating changes to the structure.

Get an introduction to the Uniscale SDKs

Chose your language

Ensure developers efficiently implement SDKs, regardless of the programming language they use.

Up-to-date code libraries

Ensure developers always receive the latest version with all necessary changes.

Precise and effective

Provide SDKs with the exact use of endpoints and secure implementation accurately reflecting the intentions.

Powerful IDE plugins

From specification to code

Enable developers to implement the relevant specifications easily from their code editor without semantic ambiguities.

See our SDK portal overview

IDE plugins

Uniscale’s plugin can annotate source code with specific prompts, which is needed for more useful AI assistance.

Better AI prompts

Provide the AI with more detailed instructions on how to produce code that can be used right away.

Effective SDK usage

Increase the overall productivity with the same number of developers or enable less experienced developers.

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Avoid rework and align your product with customer expectations

AI capabilities

Better prompts for AI assistance

AI code generation can be a hit or miss if prompts are not specific enough: Base your prompts on your specifications and make them highly relevant.

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Process & architecture

Front-end first approach

Embrace a front-end-first approach: Leverage parallel front-end and back-end development.

How to invite team members to Uniscale

Clean architecture

Creating a clean architecture through service linking is only relevant if developers implement it.

Next-level iterations

Fewer and faster iterations through front-end-first development.

Better modeling

Offer a visual no-code interface, ensuring data contracts align with specifications regardless of the programming language.

“Uniscale adds an incredible bonus in enabling key partners to provide direct feedback on expected user behavior in our specifications.”

How nuUnlimited uses Uniscale

“Uniscale brought us great stakeholder visibility, improved communication, and higher-quality software.”

How Zensei uses Uniscale

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